When should I use CES?

The ideal timing for sending a Customer Effort Score survey is directly after your customer has completed a specific action/interaction associated with your point of interest. CES has the flexibility to be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, such as a Web survey embedded into your Help Center or an Email-based survey sent after a support interaction. 

Interested in learning about situations where others are using CES? Consider these common use cases:

  • Directly after a support conversation
  • Web survey following a search in your Help Desk
  • Survey sent a week or so after an instructional manual is purchased
  • Web/Email-based surveys deployed after a website update, gauging any change in ease-of-use

CES finds true power in the simplicity of the results. If your CES is lower, the message is clear – customers are struggling too much to get what they need from your brand/product. If your CES is higher, you can be confident your customers are having a much more effortless experience (and are more likely to stick around!) 

As a result, the best bet is to deploy CES in situations where you’d anticipate there may be some roadblocks for customers. These particular moments will offer great learning experiences for your team and also help you smooth out any bumps in the customer lifecycle. You’ll get quick, actionable feedback – directly from your customers – to help guide improvement in their experience, as well as your larger customer base.

Already using another survey type?

If you're already using another survey type, whether NPS or otherwise, you can always add on another Delighted instance for CES via Projects. Learn more about expanding your CX program with CES and Projects.

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