What is CES?

CES stands for Customer Effort Score, a metric that measures the amount of effort required for a customer to complete a specific task or interaction.

Lets say you just purchased a new coffee table that requires assembling. You have all the necessary tools along with a manual that includes step-by-step instructions. As you get to the step of installing the legs of the table, you realize you have 5 different types of screws, but the manual doesn’t indicate which type to use.

You dig through the manual, search online, and finally get the results by eventually calling their customer support number. While the table looks amazing now that its assembled, your experience was soured by the amount of time it took for you to get the information you needed. This is where CES comes into play.

CES focuses on the concept that brand loyalty is created when a company makes it quick and easy for customers to get the answers they need. The easier you make it for customers to resolve their issues and/or get the information they require, the happier they’ll be. Happy customers equals long-term loyalty, word-of-mouth promotion, increased organic growth, and much more.

The Survey Flow

For CES, respondents provide a score on a scale of 1 – 5:

  • 5: Strongly agree
  • 4: Slightly agree
  • 3: Neutral
  • 2: Slightly disagree
  • 1: Strongly disagree

After providing a score, respondents go on to provide an open-ended responses, and then land on a Thank You page that you can customize.

The Power of CES

Ultimately, CES boils down to this: customers who have to jump through hoops to get the information they need are far more likely to be dissatisfied. Those who can find information and a resolution quickly and easily are going to leave the experience with a smile. As a result, focusing on creating an effortless experience, with the help of CES surveys, will ensure you’re building a community of customers that will stick with your brand for years to come.

The CES Experience

1 – 5 Score

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