When should I use CSAT?

Customer satisfaction surveys are most effective when sent after a specific interaction – whether sending that survey off immediately after a support conversation or just following a product test.

Since CSAT provides the sharpest insight into particular moments in time, as opposed to larger brand insights, the best practice is to keep the survey scoped to very specific moments in the customer lifecycle.

Wondering where a CSAT survey might factor into your current feedback toolkit? Consider these common uses:

  • Directly after a support conversation
  • After a sales call
  • Following a service visit by a technician
  • After an instructional course is completed
  • A few days after specific marketing material is provided

Think of CSAT as a method to measure a specific milestone in the customer lifecycle. When surveying customers about a specific interaction, you have a definitive point where you can set benchmarks, goals for improvement, and clear action items that are explicitly tied to areas impacting customer satisfaction.

Already using another survey type?

If you're already using another survey type, whether NPS or otherwise, you can always add on another Delighted instance for CSAT via Projects. Learn more about expanding your CX program with CSAT and Projects.

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