What is CSAT?

CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction, a metric that measures your customer’s satisfaction with a brand, product, or interaction.

The Survey Flow

CSAT surveys start with some variation of the question: “How satisfied were you with [Brand/Product/Interaction]?”

Respondents provide a score on a scale of 1 – 5:

  • 5: Very satisfied
  • 4: Slightly Satisfied
  • 3: Neutral
  • 2: Slightly dissatisfied
  • 1: Very dissatisfied

After providing a score, respondents go on to provide an open-ended responses, and then land on a Thank You page that you can customize.

The Power of CSAT

CSAT offers granular insight into specific transactions, interactions, and experiences. Rather than surveying about a brand overall, CSAT drills down into specific experiences – providing actionable, real-time feedback regarding how you’re meeting, or missing, customer expectations. 

The CSAT Experience

1 – 5 Score

Comment page

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