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Below you’ll find a few questions we hear frequently about our SMS platform, and our best answers and resources.

Who can I survey with SMS?

Due to the strict spam policies around SMS communications, please ensure you have the correct privacy policies and terms of use in place on your side to allow you to communicate with customers via SMS. These rules vary by country and region. If you aren’t already communicating with customers via SMS, we don’t recommend starting with Delighted SMS.

Can I set a local phone number?

Yes. We can localize the number from which the SMS is sent to your respective country/region. Send us a message and we can set a unique number for your account.

Why am I not receiving the SMS survey?

Confirm you added a + and your country code. Also, our smart scheduling avoids sending in the middle of the night, so if you are testing late at night in the timezone of the country code and area code of the target phone number, the message will be queued for later delivery. And lastly we may not have support for SMS in your country yet. 

Why am I not receiving the comment message?

Our surveys require two-way SMS capability, which allows for the sending of the survey SMS, as well as the receipt of any response. This functionality is necessary to progress the SMS survey flow from one step to the next. 

Two-way SMS is not supported by all countries. If you’re not receiving the comment message after providing a score, let us know and we can confirm if two-way SMS is supported in your region.

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