Customizing and testing your SMS surveys

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Applying a few key customizations to your SMS survey can go a long way towards highlighting your branding, as well as providing a range of call-to-action items. With a few simple updates, you can better engage those folks who will be receiving, and ultimately responding, to your SMS surveys.

Customizing your survey (The Survey)

  • Brand/product name: Set the brand name used in the survey question
  • Send a test SMS: Send a test survey to a number you specify(more details below)
  • Question customization: Input any variation of the survey question you prefer
  • Advanced customization: Select a language for your SMS survey

Customizing your survey (The Thank You Page)

  • Same message for everyone: Set the same Thank You page content for all respondents (regardless of score)
  • Different messages based on score: Set specific Thank You pages based on score (ex. for NPS, you’d set separate Thank You pages for Promoters, Passives, and Detractors)
  • Message: Input any message you’d like to display after someone provides a comment
  • Link text: Since link text is not supported via SMS, this value will not appear in your text message. However, as the field is required, feel free to use any placeholder and/or version you’d like in the situation you send email-based surveys down the road
  • Link URL: Set a link for respondents to see after providing their comment. Respondents will be able to click on the link via their mobile device to re-route to the URL you’ve provided

Testing SMS surveys

Once your customizations have been applied, a quick test can help confirm that the SMS survey looks exactly as expected. Just a few steps required to test:

  1. Head to the Customize Appearance page for SMS
  2. Scroll down to the“Send a test SMS” field
  3. Input a phone number (Note: The phone number format should start with a + followed by the country code and then the number: +17132746524, no spaces or other punctuation.)
  4. Send away!

Once you receive your test SMS, respond with a score, provide a quick comment, and review your Thank You page. The test response will not show up on your dashboard, so feel free to test as often as needed.

Now that your customizations are in place, and you’ve been able to personally experience an SMS survey, the next step is to send your first batch of SMS surveys to customers. Our next section will cover best practices for sending both via the dashboard as well as the Delighted REST API.

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