Why use SMS surveys?

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The voice of the customer isn’t limited to a single channel. Throughout the customer journey, you’ll receive feedback from a range of sources, such as phone, email, web forms, and beyond. With Delighted, you can expand your feedback program into one of those other key channels – SMS.

Considering making the switch to SMS? Looking to include SMS as part of your suite of surveying platforms? In the section below, we’ll cover some of the key advantages for getting started with Delighted’s SMS surveys:

Fast collection of customer feedback

How quickly does it take for you to respond to a friend’s text? You likely have that text composed and sent in just a few seconds. That’s about as long as it will take for customers to complete a Delighted SMS survey. A quick number response, comment, and there it is – you’ve got feedback!

Easy to send

Send surveys and get feedback, all within a matter of a few minutes. Upload a CSV/Excel file with phone numbers, give the file a final review, and send away! That's how easy it is to send SMS surveys with Delighted. If you’re looking to automate the process, we have an API for that as well.

No smart phone required

No app to download, site to visit, or other blocker in providing a response. Respondents can simply text their response, regardless of the mobile device being used.

High visibility and engagement

SMS surveys get front and center treatment. With the delivery occurring right on a customer’s phone, just like a standard text message, you can be confident that the SMS survey will be quickly seen and far less likely to get lost in a busy inbox.

Common communication channel

Already texting your customers on a regular basis? Is SMS an integral part of how customers interact with your business? If so, SMS-based surveys would be a perfect fit to ask for feedback via a platform that is familiar to your customer base.

Ready to get started with SMS surveys? In our next section, we’ll cover all you need to know for customizing and testing your SMS surveys.

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