How do SMS surveys work?

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Delighted’s SMS platform allows you to dispatch surveys, as well as collect feedback, all via text message. The survey process is broken down into the same steps as our Email platform:

  • Score selection
  • Comment
  • Thank you page

Each step of the survey experience is sent as a text message, to which the customer responds with their answer, moving the survey along:

Key features

  • Configuration: Customize the SMS survey question and Thank You page content. Use our presets, or layer in your own unique variation.
  • Quick and easy: Sending SMS surveys is as simple as uploading a CSV/Excel file with phone numbers. Your first SMS survey can be sent within minutes of signing up.
  • Smart scheduling: SMS surveys sent while your customers are sleeping, can result in a negative experience and less-than-positive feedback. Delighted’s SMS platform leverages our Smart Scheduling to ensure surveys are only sent during reasonable hours.
  • Easy automation: Upload a list of customers to Autopilot and let us handle the scheduling and recurring surveys. Autopilot makes it easy to automate your SMS surveys without any engineering assistance.

Plan & billing details

SMS surveys are available at plan levels starting at $99/month. Plans starting at the $249 level are eligible to use SMS and all other platforms. Pricing and availability of SMS may vary depending on your volume and the countries you are sending to. Different carriers charge different prices for messaging their customers.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dig into a few key reasons to roll out SMS surveys to your customers.

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