Steps after adding CNAME/TXT records

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Once your records have been added to your DNS settings, the final step is to reach out to our Customer Concierge team. We’ll take you through the final steps of configuring custom domain settings, including: 1) Verifying the records have been added, 2) Setting your From address, and 3) Sending a test.

Verifying the records have been added

Once you reach out to our Concierge team to confirm the records have been added, we’ll check off a few key requirements:
  • The TXT record has been added correctly
  • The CNAME records have been added correctly
  • All records are live (based on your TTL) and propagating
If all the above steps have been covered, we’ll wrap up your domain configuration in Delighted. 

Setting your From address

By default, we’ll set your From address to your existing Reply-To email (if it is from your domain). The From address can always be updated via your Customize Appearance section under “Email Customization”:

Have an email you’re certain you’ll be using as the From address? Feel free to include that address in your email to our team at any point (ex. when you’re verifying the records have been added). We can prioritize that address to be set-up as your account’s default.

Sending a test

Once your From address is set, we’ll send you a quick test just to confirm everything looks as expected. You can also send yourself a test via the Customize Appearance section under “Email Customization” → “Send a test email”. A bit of testing can be helpful just to confirm surveys are customized with your domain – giving you the full picture of your survey’s branding.

That’s it! You’re now all set and to send via an address with your company’s domain. In our final section, we’ll discuss some common mistakes and questions involved with adding these records.

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