Where do I add these records?

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Each DNS provider will vary in terms of where the records are added, as well as the required structure for the values added. However, regardless of your DNS provider, there are many best practices and key words that will be applicable across all platforms.

In this section, we’ll cover some universal phrases you’ll need to know, as well as an example of adding those records to a common DNS provider.

Common keywords for DNS providers
  • Type: The type of record you’re adding, such as CNAME, TXT, MX, SRV, etc. For the purposes of Delighted’s DNS process, you only need to use CNAME and TXT
  • Name: The host domain (ex. ._domainkey.testaccount.com)
  • Value: The subdomain to which the above domain is pointed (ex. ...dkim.amazonses.com)
  • TTL: The time-to-live (TTL). This value can be set for each DNS record. TTL values impact how long it takes, after a change to your DNS settings, before the DNS change is propagated and able to be recognized.
Example of adding a TXT record

Example of adding a CNAME record

Note: For CNAME records, you’ll have three separate records from Delighted you’ll need to add in the same method as shown above.

If you’re running into trouble adding these records, we recommend pulling in your engineering team, or any other team member that regularly manages your DNS settings. Similarly, feel free to reach out if you run into any issues – we’re happy to provide you with any resources needed to ease the process!

Records all set and added? Perfect! Our next section covers the final steps needed to verify all the records have been properly added and are propagating as expected.

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