Can I set-up Trends for different customer groups?

Absolutely. Using Trends, you can set-up specific views for different customer groups (ex. new customers vs. existing customers. Teams can quickly see feedback that is most relevant to them, which can help make your feedback even more actionable. How to get started:

  1. Identify what properties you’d like to use to segment the feedback (ex. location, department, team member, etc.) Take time to consider what properties/values would be most helpful for specifying feedback to certain team members.
  2. Create a Trend after selecting the above value (or multiple values if needed).
  3. Once on the Trend dashboard, copy the URL and share that link with any associated team members.
By bookmarking that Trend URL, your team members can immediately hop into a dashboard that solely shows feedback applicable to their position/department. You can create these Trends based on location, product line, and any other property you send our way.

You might also consider creating an overarching theme/topic (ex. Location = San Diego) and then create additional Trends (some might consider these "subtrends") to track more granular details (ex. Location = San Diego, Manager = Sean). This will allow you to track a larger theme, such as a regional location, and then a more granular topic.

For more information, check out our Segmenting Feedback with Properties guide.

Alert specific team members

Combine Trends with Alerts to facilitate powerful, real-time notifications. After you create a Trend, you can set-up rules within your Alerts section that are triggered based on that Trend. For example, lets say you created a Trend for a San Diego store location. You can then create an Alert to trigger every time a new response comes in for that location, sending that notification directly to the San Diego location manager. Check out this GIF to see how quick that is to set-up!

On your dashboard

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