How can I manage and edit my tags?

Tags offer a great way to segment feedback after responses start landing on your dashboard. However, over time, you may need to update existing tags, merge tags that are too similar, as well as delete older tags. Delighted provides an easy platform for managing all your tags in one location.

To get to your tag management page, click on gear icon just below your response. Here’s a quick link to that Tags page in Delighted.

Once on the page, you’ll see a number of columns for reviewing tag performance, as well as options for editing:

  1. Tag: List of all tags throughout your account
  2. Promoter / Passive / Detractor: Total number of responses that match a specific tag, broken down by score type
  3. Total: Total amount of responses associated with a specific tag
  4. Rename: Bulk rename any of your existing tags
  5. Merge: Combine two tags together into a single tag. We’ll provide a dropdown menu where you can select the destination tag. The original tag will subsequently be merged into the new tag you select
  6. Delete: Remove all instances of any specified tag
All tags and score types are also hyperlinked. Clicking on a tag or score type (ex. Promoter) will automatically apply a search that pulls up responses associated with either that specific tag or, alternatively, the tag+score type.

On the dashboard

Reaching the page

Renaming tags

Merging tags

Deleting tags

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