Thank you page guide overview

Your most loyal, passionate Promoters are more than happy to provide their feedback and glowing praise. On the opposite end of the spectrum, your Detractors are equally anxious to voice their concerns with your brand or product.

Once a score is selected, and a comment is provided, that energy doesn’t just dissipate. This is where your Thank You pages come into play.

Thank You pages (which are the last step of the survey experience) provide a simple, yet powerful, page to cap off the survey, while providing respondents with a call to action. Whether directing Promoters to a review site, or providing support contact details for your Detractors, the Thank You pages allow you to capture harness customer energy and channel it to an appropriate activity.

In this guide, we’ll cover key details and best practices related to the Thank You pages. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • What are the Thank You pages?
  • Best methods for maximizing Promoter feedback
  • Leveraging the Thank You pages to learn from Passives
  • Providing additional touch points for Detractors
  • Other common questions
Let’s get started!

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