Best practices for eNPS

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Set your eNPS survey up for success by applying some of the tips we cover in this section. We’ll cover a few key best practices, including how to:

  • Set-up an eNPS specific dashboard
  • Segment your feedback based on employee attributes

eNPS specific Projects

Don’t muddy up your customer response date with your employee feedback. Keep the feedback using Delighted’s Project feature.

With Projects, you can create separate dashboards for your team and then link them together. The benefit here is that you can easily keep eNPS feedback separate, independently customize your eNPS survey, and set unique settings for each Project (ex. separate alerts). You'll then have a drop-down menu the top left-hand corner of your dashboard that will allow you to hop back and forth between eNPS and NPS accounts:

You can also determine which Delighted users have access to each account, ensuring you keep employee feedback restricted to specific members who need that access. Interested in Projects? Learn more here.

Segmenting employee feedback

eNPS has the potential to offer insight into performance of teams, departments, and other subsets of your organization. Simply include a few additional properties in any CSV/Excel file, or API request, and you’ll be able to segment feedback on more specific employee attributes.

For example, lets consider if we wanted to segment feedback based on department, manager, and state. Here is how that CSV file might look:

Name Email Department Location Manager
Ellie Newman Customer Support New York Tony Sharpton
Richard Nguyen Customer Support New York Tony Sharpton
George Vargas HR San Diego Elizabeth Newman
In the above example, properties have been passed for: Department, Location, and Manager. We’ll now be able to see, as a few examples, the NPS specific to the Customer Support team, or employees under the management of Elizabeth Newman.

Recurring surveys with Autopilot

If you’ll be surveying the same group of employees every few months, consider our Autopilot feature. With Autopilot, we’ll automatically take care of the sending and rescheduling, ensuring that your team is regularly prompted to provide feedback every few months.

Simply add all your employees, set a recurring frequency (we suggest 3 or 6 months), and we’ll take care of the automated scheduling. It’s super easy to manage Autopilot- allowing you to remove churned employees, add new team members, and much more. Read more about managing Autopilot here.

You’re now all set with the tools you need for your first eNPS survey! Ready to start? Feel free to create a new, eNPS-specific account here or send us a message. We’d be happy to help get you started!

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