Customizing the Delighted survey

Sending eNPS surveys is as simple as a standard Delighted NPS survey. However, there are a few adjustments you’ll want to make in order to ensure the survey is specific to your employees.

In this section, we’ll cover four key elements for customizing the survey experience for eNPS: 

Adjusting the question
Asking employees how likely they are to recommend your company is a bit too vague. To help keep it more specific, you’ll want to adjust the standard NPS question to focus more specifically on working for your company. 

For example: “How likely are you to recommend working at Delighted to a friend?” Another common adjustment is swapping out “friend” with “colleague”, such as: “How likely are you to recommend working at Delighted to a colleague?”

You can use the Question Customization section of your Customize Appearance page to include phrasing like "working at..." or "colleague". This will automatically update your survey to a more eNPS friendly version:

Kicking around any other phrasing? Not sure what copy would be best to use? Let us know and we’ll lend a hand!

Setting an Intro Message

Currently available for full accounts only, not trial accounts

Providing a bit of context in the survey can help increase engagement, as well as the quality of the response. If employees are clear on why you’re reaching out, how you plan to use the feedback, and any specifics they should be referencing, you can be confident you’ll receive a higher volume of focused, high-quality feedback.

In the screenshot below, you’ll find a sample intro message that references the survey time investment, how the company will use the feedback, and the specific time frame to be referenced:

Updating the Thank You pages
Once your employees have taken a moment to provide their feedback, they’ll land on the standard Thank You page. This is a great opportunity to extend some additional appreciation for your employees’ time, as well as provide a contact point where they can follow-up with any more pressing concerns.

As with standard NPS, you can set unique Thank You pages based on score – such as redirecting Promoters to Glassdoor while providing Detractors with an internal management email. Here’s an example of a eNPS Thank You page set specifically for Detractors:

Asking additional questions
Additional questions are currently limited to our Enterprise plans

Delighted’s "Additional Questions" feature allows you to include up to 10 different questions in a single survey flow. The question types include:

  • Free response
  • Scale
  • Select one option
  • Select many options

With Additional Questions, you're able to layer in up to 10 fully customizable questions after your default survey question (i.e. after the score and comment page).

With these additional questions at your fingertips, your team will have the ability to ask the follow-up questions to expand on the customer's earlier response – such as requesting location details, providing a pre-defined list of potential issues the customer encountered, and much more. Learn more via our guide: How do I set up Additional Questions?

Anonymizing the feedback
In some instances, you may not want the employee name and email to be visible to those viewing the feedback. Delighted offers a special access level that redacts name and email fields:

You can set this access level for all those in your eNPS account, or work with our team to set that for more specific users only. As a quick note, the account owner for your eNPS account will always have access to all feedback and employee information, so be sure to set set that to an HR person or other key executive. Contact our concierge team to turn on this redacted feature for your account.

Now that you’re all set and customized for eNPS, you’re almost ready to start sending out those surveys. In our final section, we’ll discuss some best practices for getting started– ranging from anonymizing feedback to separating employee and customer survey data.

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