How it works

Delighted’s Zapier integration allows you to quickly and easily connect Delighted with hundred of different apps. There are two main methods of connecting Zapier with Delighted:

  1. Syncing Responses: You can send your Delighted responses and metrics to any app/platform you select within Zapier
  2. Triggering Surveys: You can trigger Delighted surveys based on actions/events within hundreds of other apps/platforms

Zapier currently only works with Delighted's NPS survey.

Setting it up

  1. Visit the Delighted Zapier integration page
  2. Copy your Delighted API key to your clipboard
  3. Visit your Zapier account
  4. Create a Zap, including your API key as needed


Where can I find some common Zaps?

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I only want to trigger a Zap based on a specific score type, but don't have access to Zapier's filters, what can I do?

Zapier provides a great tutorial for creating a Zap here.

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How do I create a Zap?

Zapier can trigger an action based on the receipt of a webhook. The good news is that Delighted can send out a webhook based on any rules you configure within the dashboard. As a result, you can sidestep the need to create a filter in Zapier by:

  1. Creating a webhook in Delighted
  2. Setting specific rules for that webhook
  3. Catching the webhook via Zapier

To get this process up and running:

1) Head to your account's webhooks page

2) Configure a rule (ex. Promoters only)

3) Grab the webhook URL from Zapier

4) Paste that URL in Delighted

5) Complete configuration in Zapier

You'll now be able to trigger actions in Zapier based on specific responses being received in Delighted!

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