How it works

Delighted’s Geckoboard integration will display your NPS on your company dashboard, as well as how it is trending. Additionally, the widget in Geckoboard will also display counts for all responses, Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. You can customize the widget to reflect the exact data you’re looking to display. Note, Geckoboard will only work with Delighted's NPS question at this time.

Setting it up

  1. Visit the Delighted Geckoboard integration page
  2. Copy your Delighted API key to your clipboard
  3. Visit your Geckoboard account
  4. Click “Add widget”
  5. Scroll down, under “Data Sources”, and click on the source of “Delighted”
  6. Click the “+” sign on the widget
  7. Name the connection and paste your API key
  8. Fine-tune your settings
  9. Click “Add Widget”


What does the Delighted widget look like in Geckoboard?

Here’s a sample of the widget once customization has been applied:

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How often do the metrics update in Geckoboard?

Every 5 minutes.

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What customization options are available?

You can edit the following settings via your Geckoboard integration:

  • Metric: Select from NPS score, Promoter count, Promoter %, Passive count, Passive, Detractor count, Detractor %, or number of responses
  • Time Unit: Select from All-time, hour, day, week, or month

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