How it works

Delighted’s Zendesk integration offers the ability to:

  1. Create tickets in Zendesk: Automatically create a ticket in Zendesk once a survey response is received. You can configure the rules for creating the tickets, ensuring we only create those tickets based on the parameters you set (ex. only for Detractors). All tickets created by Delighted will be automatically addressed to the survey respondent – helping to streamline your closed loop processes.
  2. Trigger Delighted surveys: Survey customers after a ticket is solved or closed. You can set-up the integration to fire-off the survey right away, or at a delay you specify.
Ready to get started? Check out the steps below to start configuring your integration:

Setting it up

  1. Visit the Delighted Zendesk integration page
  2. Type in your Zendesk domain name
  3. Click the button: “Connect to Zendesk”
  4. When prompted “Allow Delighted to access your Zendesk account?”, click “Allow”
  5. You’ll be taken back to Delighted, landing on the Zendesk integration page
  6. Create any rules
  7. Optional: Click on the checkbox for “Sync Delighted repsonses with people in Zendesk”
  8. Optional: Click the checkbox for "Send a Delighted survey automatically" (specifying ticket status and delay)
  9. Click “Save & turn on”

FAQ table of contents


How do I configure the Zendesk integration to trigger a Delighted survey?

To set-up the Zendesk trigger:

  1. Head to the Zendesk integration page
  2. Optional: Configure any other aspects of the integration (ex. rules for creating tickets in Zendesk)
  3. Click the checkbox for "Send a Delighted survey automatically"
  4. Select a ticket status that will trigger a survey
  5. Select a delay (or opt to send instantly)
  6. Click "Save & turn on"

Here's the whole process in action:


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What properties are pulled in from Zendesk when triggering surveys?

When triggering a survey after a ticket is closed/solved in Zendesk, we'll capture a handful of key Zendesk ticket fields to help with segmenting feedback on the Delighted dashboard, as well as linking the Delighted feedback back to the original Zendesk ticket. Those key ticket data fields include:

  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket URL
  • Ticket Via
  • Assignee Name
  • Requester ID
  • Ticket Tags

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Just received a response - why am I not seeing a new ticket in Zendesk?

We include a 10 minute delay between the moment a response is received in Delighted, and the moment we create that conversation in Zendesk. This delay ensures we provide adequate time for the customer to provide a comment (if applicable) prior to syncing over all that response detail.

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It has been 10 minutes since the response was received in Delighted, why are new tickets not being generated in Zendesk?

Beyond the delay noted above, tickets are most often not being created within Zendesk due to survey responses not triggering their creation. For example, if using the rule “Only promoters who comment”, no other tickets will be created unless Delighted responses meet that exact specification.

Be sure to check your rules and recent responses to see if there are any eligible responses that should create a ticket. If it looks like there are eligible responses that didn’t trigger a ticket, let us know and we’ll take a look!

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What does the synced ticket look like in Zendesk?

When tickets are created via the Delighted/Zendesk integration, they will appear like this on your dashboard:

Once opened, the full ticket will show the synced feedback, including comment and score, as a private note on the ticket:

As a quick side note, private note information is only visible to you and your team. When replying to the customer, their score, comment, and other information in the note will not be visible.

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What Delighted response details are synced to Zendesk?

We’ll pass through the score, comment, email, and any other property data as an internal note on a ticket created in Zendesk. This internal note is only visible to your team members, giving you all the information you need to close the loop with the customer directly within Zendesk.

We also attach a few tags to the ticket. One tag is titled “Delighted” and the other tag indicates the type of score (promoter, passive, detractor). Tags offer a great foundation for setting up rules in Zendesk, such as auto-assigning Delighted-created tickets to a specific team member.

On the Zendesk integration page, you’ll have the option to turn on the syncing of Delighted response detail with Users in Zendesk. If enabled, we’ll also sync the response to the User record, which will show their most recent Delighted score as a tag.

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