How it works

With our webhook integration, you can automatically send an HTTP “POST” request to a webhook URL you provide. This is a great way of sending customer feedback/data per-response as opposed to constantly polling our API to get metrics and response detail.

You can specify rules to control which webhook notifications will be triggered, such as “All responses” or “Promoters with comments”.

Setting it up

  1. Visit your webhooks integration page
  2. Include the URL you’ve setup to receive the Delighted webhook payload
  3. Set the specifications of the rule (ex. Promoters only)
  4. Set any additional rules needed by clicking “+ Add a new rule”
  5. Optional: Select the option for "Send unsubscribe notifications" to receive webhooks, to a URL you designate, when someone unsubscribes
  6. Click “Save & turn on”


Do you have advanced documentation about your webhooks integration?

Yes. You can find our webhooks documentation here

Can I test my webhook integration?

Yes. We recommend using a site that can collect and inspect incoming HTTP requests, similar to RequestBin. These sites will provide you with a temporary URL you can use, which can be placed in the Delighted webhook integration page. Once added to your integration page, hit “Send test” and your request will be dispatched.

Most sites like RequestBin will allow you to view all the detail in the request, so you have a great way of reviewing all the detail we pass with each and every webhook.

When are webhooks triggered?

Webhooks are triggered any time a response is received or updated.

Delighted also offers the option to send a webhook when someone unsubscribes from a survey. Here's what that configuration looks like on the dashboard:

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