How it works

Our Stitch integration will sync Delighted feedback, via webhook, to your Stitch account. Our integration can sync response data for all responses or based on specific rules you decide (ex. 1-star responses for 5-star surveys, Detractors only for NPS, etc.)

Setting it up

  1. Visit the Delighted Stitch integration page
  2. In a separate tab, open up your Stitch account
  3. On your Stitch dashboard, head to Stitch’s Delighted integration page
  4. Name your integration
  5. On the next page, copy the Stitch URL
  6. Head back to the Delighted tab 
  7. Add a rule (or multiple rules)
  8. Paste your Stitch URL
  9. Click “Save & turn on”

FAQ table of contents


What does the feedback look like in Stitch?

Delighted will show as an integration via your Stitch integration page:

Clicking on the Delighted integration will show the rows that have been synced over:

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Where can I find Stitch documentation for setting up the integration?

Stitch offers in-depth documentation regarding their integration, you can find that here.

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Can I sync historical feedback?

With Delighted’s Stitch integration, we will only sync over new feedback. If you need to push historical Delighted feedback to your Stitch dashboard, let us know and we can help process that sync on our side.

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