How it works

Our Salesforce integration will sync Delighted scores to an associated existing Contact record in Salesforce. You’ll be able to see a contact’s most recent score, as well as their comment, response timestamp, and any additional information you select via a Related List.

We also roll-up all scores to Accounts, providing feedback at an account level with Custom Fields and a Related List.

Premium integration

Salesforce is a premium integration in Delighted. As a result, this integration is limited to specific plan levels. For more information, see our pricing page. Also, you find find our full Salesforce integration guide here.

Setting it up

Package Installation
  1. Visit your Salesforce integration page
  2. Click the button:“Connect & Turn on”
  3. Enter your credentials
  4. Once logged in, click on Allow to allow access to Delighted
  5. Install the package
  6. Grant access to the third-party website of Delighted
Account Installation
  1. Click on Accounts
  2. Click on an Account
  3. Click Edit Layout
  4. Add any Delighted Fields and/or Related Lists

Keep in mind that after adding Delighted fields on the  Account level, each Contact that falls within that Account will automatically include those fields. If you'd like to install Delighted fields for a Contact, independent of the associated Account, follow the steps below:

Contact Installation
  1. Head to the Contacts section of Salesforce
  2. Click on any existing Contact
  3. Click on Edit Layout
  4. Add the Field of Last Delighted Response Score
  5. Add the Related List of Delighted Responses

Do you have a guide I can reference for setting up Salesforce?

Yes. You can find our full Salesforce Integration guide right here.

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What Delighted response details are synced?

Our Salesforce integration will sync over key response details, including score and comment, as well as all other response data – ranging from properties to the response timestamp.

We make sure that you have all the Delighted response information you need, right within your existing Salesforce dashboard.

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What field does Delighted use to look-up contacts in Salesforce?

When a Delighted response is received, we’ll search your Salesforce account for a Contact record with a matching email address. Once located, we’ll sync over your Delighted response details. Note, if there isn’t a matching Contact record, we’ll simply drop the sync– we do not create any new Contact records.

If preferred, you can also pass a unique property to sync feedback based on Salesforce ID as opposed to email address. For more information, send us a quick message.

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Just received a response – why am I not seeing the feedback synced over?

We include a 10 minute delay between the moment a response is received in Delighted, and the moment we sync that response detail to Salesforce. This delay ensures we provide adequate time for the customer to provide a comment (if applicable) prior to syncing over all that response detail.

One other area to check is your SFDC plan level. Your SFDC account will need to include API access to work with our integration, which isn't always available across all plan levels. See the following page to determine if your plan includes API access: Salesforce Editions with API Access.

If past the 10-15 minute mark, there may be issues with the sync finding a matching contact in SFDC. If you’re noticing the sync still isn’t working, reach out to us and we can take a closer look.

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Does Delighted connect with Pardot?
Presently, our integration with Salesforce is for the CRM only. However, there are a number of resources to help with syncing between Pardot and Salesforce. By setting up a syncing process, you can pull Delighted data into Pardot (via Contact records) and trigger actions in Pardot. A few helpful resources can be found below:

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