Closing the loop

As you start receiving more and more responses, customers will raise issues that require some form of follow-up. Reaching out to customers gives them the opportunity to express their experiences and issues in their own words.

This process is known as “Closing the loop”. As your team reaches out to customers, they’ll better understand the customer experience, quickly resolve any underlying issues, and generally give the customer an opportunity to express more of their feedback.

Closing the loop is a critical component in leading a successful NPS initiative. By engaging in consistent, empathetic outreach, you’ll prove to your customers that you’ve heard their feedback and take it seriously. Additionally, closing the loop ensures you’re able to echo the customer’s voice throughout the rest of your organization.

In this guide, we’ll cover:
  • What is closed loop feedback?
  • What is the importance of closing the loop?
  • Developing a plan
  • Closing the loop (The micro)
  • Closing the loop (The macro)
Lets learn more about closing the loop with your customers!

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