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Interested in learning more? We have a number of guides and other resources that can help deepen your understanding of Delighted, survey methods, and best practices for acting on customer feedback.

Here are a few key guides to get you started:

  • Getting the most out of Delighted: This guide provides a few best practices for maximizing the different features built into Delighted. Ranging from digging into your feedback to sharing feedback with the team, you’ll get key insight into how to ramp up your feedback program with Delighted.
  • Segmenting Feedback with Properties: Our properties guide covers all the basics needed to send metadata to Delighted. Whether manually uploading, or using our API, you can send an unlimited amount of information about those being surveyed – allowing you to get granular insight into their feedback. This guide goes in-depth regarding how to send that information our way.
  • Surveying fundamentals: This guide covers each step of the sending process – providing helpful details for getting started with sending quickly. We also cover how to refine your sending process, as well as more advanced topics, in order to maximize your response rates and optimize your overall feedback program.

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