Major features of your Delighted dashboard

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  1. Feedback Score: This field shows the account’s current feedback score (ex. NPS), as well as a graph function to see that score trend over time
  2. Bar chart: This feature shows your current breakdown of your feedback (ex. Promoters, Passives, and Detractors for NPS)
  3. Survey people: This button will take you through to Email, Web, and SMS platforms where you can send out your surveys
  4. Dashboard: This link will send you back to your main Delighted dashboard
  5. Trends: You can create trends to act as a saved search, tracking specific segments of customer feedback without always needing to click on the same filters again and again
  6. Metrics: Review your survey metrics - regardless of platform. These stats include your response rates, open rates, and other key metrics. You can scope these metrics to any time period
  7. People: This page shows a historical list of anyone you've ever imported and their last send date (where applicable)
  8. Settings: This section contains account management items, including your password, email digests, and other key elements
  9. Time range filter: Use this feature to filter responses by a specific time frame
  10. Search comments: This field will allow you to search through your responses for specific keywords
  11. Score icons: These icons depict your feedback, such as Promoters (happy face), Passives (neutral face), or Detractors (sad face). For smiley faces, hovering over the icon will reveal the exact score
  12. Filters: Segment your responses by different data points your company is sending through with each survey request
  13. Tagging: Add tags to your responses to help filter based on key categories you apply (ex. "Customer Support", "Needs Follow-up", etc.)

Now that you’re oriented with the dashboard, the best next step is learning more about how to segment feedback. Whether isolating responses with comments, to isolating certain subsets of customers, you can use Delighted’s filters and tags to easily fine-tune the point of focus for your feedback.

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