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Looking for more control over the display of the survey? Our Web documentation covers a range of options for further specifying the survey’s triggering and timing.

For example, if you’d prefer your site visitors first read more content before seeing the survey, you might consider adding in a longer delay. Looking to hit subscribers with a recurring survey every 3 months? Delighted’s recurringPeriod parameter might be a good fit.

This section will detail the more advanced components of the Web snippet, and how you can leverage those parameters to refine the specifics of when that survey is displayed.

Web docs

Our documentation for the Web platform covers various options that can be specified to further fine tune the display of your survey, as well as the details collected with each response.

In the section below, we’ll cover a few details available in the above documentation, and how they might help update your snippet:

Key details

  • createdAt: This parameter is the date the person is shown as being created. We’ll reference this for any delay (see initialDelay below). You can either pass us this value, or we’ll set it as the first time we see the person on a page that has the snippet.
  • initialDelay: This parameter is the number of seconds we’ll wait before showing a person the initial survey. Some customers will add a few seconds to account for browsing of the site, while others will pass a much longer delay – only showing the survey 1 week after a person registers on their site. You can set this to 0 to show immediately.
  • recurringPeriod: This parameter is the number of seconds we’ll wait before showing a recurring survey. If you’d like to survey the same person again, this is a great way to layer in that additional touch point. Note, throttling applies to Web surveys, so you’ll want to ensure this recurring period is after your account’s throttle period.
  • properties: As with our Email surveys, Web also allows you to pass through an unlimited amount of details about the people you’re surveying. While we’ll automatically collect certain details on respondents via Web (ex. URL, country, etc.), you can pass through additional details with a property parameter. Learn more about segmenting with properties with our property guide.

For more advanced documentation (ex. permanently setting a snippet as a test, unique throttling for Web, etc.), feel free to reach out to our concierge team.

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