Configuring and installing your snippet

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It only takes a few minutes to configure and install Delighted on your website. Once installed, you’ll be able to start surveying your customers right away.

Visual Customization

To start the configuration process, click on Survey People and then click Set up” under the Web platform.

The following page will provide you with a number of customization options, similar to those available for our Email platform:

  • Brand/product name: Set the brand name used in the survey question
  • Brand color: Set the color of the survey buttons
  • Button style: Set the style of the survey buttons (ex. filled or outlined)
  • Button shape: Set the share of the survey buttons
  • Advanced customization: Set the language of the survey

Once you’ve fine-tuned your visual adjustments, you can now configure who should be surveyed and what actions will trigger the display.

Configuration options

We offer a number of turnkey configurations for surveying visitors to your website.

  • General visitors: We’ll survey a sample of visitors to your site, either focusing on all visitors, or only those who are returning. We’ll use either an email you pass or way, or a cookie, to determine if someone has visited previously.
  • Customers who subscribe: Survey site visitors either immediately, or at a delay, after subscription with your service. Since you’ll want a constant pulse of feedback from subscribers, Delighted offers an optional recurring survey to show subscribers the survey on a regular, ongoing basis (ex. every 3 months). 
  • Ecommerce: Survey all customers that land on a particular page. Since this method will survey everyone who visits the page, we recommend placing it on a post-transaction page - such as where you show a receipt after a purchase.
  • Custom triggering: Don’t see a good fit with the above options? Feel free to create your own script to trigger the Delighted survey. Just make sure you’re calling the Delighted function, delighted.survey(), every time you want to display the survey to the current visitor.

All set with your configurations? The next step is to install the snippet on your page!


Once you wrap up your configuration, we’ll provide you with a JavaScript snippet. You can add this snippet anywhere in the <head> or <body> section of your website.

Feel free to test out the display of the survey by appending ?delighted=test to the end of any page URL where you have included the snippet.

Once installed and tested, head back to your Web platform settings and turn on your integration. Your survey is now live!

Now that we’ve covered configuring and installing your integration, the next step is digging into more of the advanced details.

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