Why use Delighted Web?

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Delighted Web offer a simple way to reach your customers at the ideal moment in their lifecycle. By embedding the survey on your page, you can make it quick and easy for customers to respond and provide actionable insight.

Lets cover some of the key benefits for using Web-based surveys:

Immediate post-transaction feedback

Place the survey on a receipt page to get perspective on the purchase flow. Was it easy to make a purchase? Any issues with adding items to a cart? Placing your survey on this page offers a great way for customers to express potential improvements for the purchase process. 

Real-time responses

Hear from customers at the same time they’re visiting your site. If you combine Web surveys with a few alerts, you can start the process of closing the loop while the customer is still browsing your page.

Reach different parts of the funnel

With Web surveys, you can survey all site visitors - even those not logged in. Web surveys provide the opportunity to hear from folks you might typically miss with traditional surveys that are focused on paying customers only.

Sampling of logged in users

Interested in hearing from paying customers only? Consider placing the survey on a page available only to logged in, paying customers.

Multi-platform approach

Reach your customers via the channel that works best for them. Use Web in combination with Email and/or SMS to explore multiple options for surveying your customers. Multi-platform capability is available for enterprise customers.

Ready to get started with Web surveys? The next section will cover all the details you need to get up and running with your first Web survey.

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