How do web surveys work?

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Web surveys allow you to collect customer feedback with just a bit of JavaScript added to your site. When your site visitors land on a page where the survey snippet has been added, they’ll see a survey towards the bottom of the page:

The Web survey is very similar the Email survey experience. After a score is selected, customers will have the opportunity to provide a follow-up comment, and then be taken to a Thank You page. The survey will then disappear automatically, allowing your site visitors to continue browsing quickly and easily.

Key features

  • Configuration: Fine-tune the visual customization to best fit your brand. Select one of our predetermined configurations for who and when the survey is shown (ex. surveying subscribed customers, returning visitors only, etc.), or create your own!
  • Quick installation: If you have a basic grasp of HTML, you can quickly and easily install the survey snippet. Simply drop the JavaScript into your site’s HTML and start surveying right away.
  • Adaptive sampling: We automatically manage your survey’s sampling to ensure you receive a steady flow of feedback, as opposed to going through your entire plan volume in one day. Our sampling is based on a number of key factors, including your plan level and site traffic.
  • Mobile optimization: As with our email-based surveys, Delighted Web is optimized for mobile devices – easy to complete even while browsing the site on the go.

Plan & billing details

Web surveys are available at all plan levels: Plans starting at the $249 level are eligible to use Web and other platforms.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dig into why you might consider opting for web-based surveys.

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