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Can I schedule a batch of surveys at once to be sent at different times?

Yes. You can have an event on your side trigger a series of API requests to our sending endpoint. Each request can carry a separate delay value (ex. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.) This will let you schedule up a batch of surveys for a particular person all at one time.

With the above process, be sure to schedule enough time between each scheduled survey to account for your throttle.

Does the API have Autopilot capabilities?

The API does not currently support Autopilot scheduling.

In the interim of introducing Autopilot to the API, many Delighted customers have developed a backend process to regularly hit our sending endpoint based on different milestones (ex. once every quarter for active users). This will provide you with a consistent pulse of customer feedback with no manual list management required.

Can I generate a list of all the people weve surveyed?

We have an API endpoint just for this purpose. Our Listing Active People endpoint will provide you with a response that includes all active people from your account - similar to what you see on your account’s People page.

In this response, we’ll provide the last sent timestamp, last response timestamp, next scheduled send (if applicable), and a few other details about each person.

Can I cancel a scheduled survey?

Yes. If the survey hasn’t been sent (i.e. is scheduled to send at a future date), you can cancel any pending requests for a person. All you’ll need is the person’s email, and you can quickly cancel those requests.

Do you have rate limits?

Yes. See full details on our rate limits via our  API docs.

Can I send arrays via API?

Delighted's API doesn't currently accept arrays at this time. We suggest passing each category, that would otherwise be sent as an array, as an individual boolean property (ex. Property A=True, Property B=False, Property C=True).

This will allow you to pass through all those properties for more granular insight, while also giving you the ability to filter on different configurations within each individual category (ex. returning responses solely when Property A and Property C are set to True).

If Ive added someone to Delighted, how do I survey them again?

Each survey is dispatched based on a new survey request. To survey someone again, you can simply send another API request to our sending endpoint.

Sending a new request each time ensures you’re passing along the most current, accurate information for those surveyed.

Is the throttle applicable to API as well?

Yes. Our throttle is global, including all sending platforms/methods.

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