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Learn where you can find your account’s API credentials, important technical documentation, and other details that can help you quickly integrate with Delighted’s API. This section will highlight key information, showing you powerful ways to make use of our API.

Important considerations

Here are a few quick questions to help focus in on the necessary resources for integrating with our API:

  • Determine what actions you’ll be performing: Will you be using the API for sending? Pulling out survey response data? Figuring out the exact actions you’ll be performing will ensure you are selecting the correct endpoint.
  • Determine the structure of your API request: Sending metadata to Delighted? Adding in a delay? What language are you using (ex. Ruby, Python, etc)? Outline your requirements so you can focus in on the exact resources needed to structure your API request.

API documentation

Lets recap some of the key resources available for integrating with our API:

  • API Key: You can find your account’s API key under Settings > API. Note, this key is visible only for account admins.
  • Overall API Documentation: From sending to unsubscribing, our docs cover all the details necessary for getting started with your API integration.
  • Documentation for Sending: Detail can be found here for creating a person and scheduling a survey email.
  • Documentation for Listing Responses: This documentation will cover how to pull all survey responses for your account.
  • Documentation for Getting Metrics: Retrieve metrics including your account’s score calculation (ex. total score and a breakdown of each response type) as well as your email metrics (response rates, bounce rates, etc.)

Now that you have the resources in place, lets dig into a few key use cases related to our API.

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