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Integrating with Delighted’s API is a great way to help you and your team run your survey program more efficiently. Ranging from time saving benefits to higher response rates, Delighted’s API can provide the foundation for a more effective, long-term feedback process.

Here are a few key benefits resulting from integration with Delighted’s API:

  • Automate sending: Trigger sending automatically, without the need to manually upload a CSV/Excel file.
  • Gather continual feedback: With automated sending, you can ensure you have a constant pulse on customer feedback.
  • Trigger sending at the ideal moment: Send surveys at the exact moment needed, such as immediately after a purchase. Triggering with the API will produce feedback about the precise experience you expect.
  • Achieve higher response rates: Sending via our API will boost your response rate, as the customer’s experience will be fresh on their minds. 
  • Free up your team’s time: Avoid the manual sending process and free up your team to focus on other key feedback program components, such as closing the loop with respondents.
  • Sync feedback back to your own systems: Pulling response data out of Delighted? Our API will ensure you’re getting that data in a clear, consistent format. For storage in your data warehouse. 
  • Gather timely data: APIs are capable of providing data that is refreshed much more often than you can achieve with pulling, cleaning, and loading files.

Interested in integrating with Delighted’s API? Our next section will provide all the details your team will need to kick-off that process.

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