Timing the send

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Surveys sent on weekends are typically destined to be skipped. Sending mid-day on a Wednesday is a sure fire way to have the survey lost in the chaos of work emails and phone calls.

Timing your survey correctly will provide you with higher response rates and more actionable feedback from your customers.

Best days and times to send

The best times for sending can be found between 6am and 9am, particularly on Mondays and Tuesdays. Both open rates and response rates are typically highest during these time windows. Maintaining a weekday (Monday-Friday), early morning (6am-10am) time window is a good bet for achieving the highest open rates and response rates.

Curious if your timing is producing the best results? After you start sending, be sure to check out your survey metrics to determine which days are leading to the best engagement. 

How often to survey

Frequency of surveying will depend on your business and industry. Here are a few general guidelines for the initial send:


Survey your B2B customers 3 months after they convert to a paid account. B2B relationships take a bit more time to grow in order to provide feedback about their full experience. And then every 3-6 months thereafter.


Survey your SaaS customers a month or so after their subscription starts. This affords them enough time to have the full service experience prior to providing feedback. And then every 3-6 months thereafter.


Survey your eCommerce customers a few days to a week after their product arrives. Be sure to take into consideration any shipping time, as well as time needed to experience the product.

After that initial send, consider sending quarterly, biannual, or annual surveys to all customers for a constant pulse of feedback.


You can set your throttling period to automatically prevent anyone from being over surveyed. Our throttling feature will ensure the same person, based on their email address or phone number, isn’t sent a Delighted survey more than once in a time period you select. Your throttle covers all sending methods, including Email, Web, and SMS. Throttling ensures no-one is surveyed too often, regardless of the survey method.

In the next section, we’ll cover how you can use Autopilot and our API to help automate your surveying process!

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