Fine-tuning the customers you’re surveying

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When determining which customers to survey, a few important considerations include: Are the customers likely to respond? Are you pulling together quality emails and/or phone numbers? Are you sending along helpful details for segmenting feedback?

Refining the batch of customers you’re surveying is a critical step to ensure you receive a strong volume of high-quality feedback. Here are a few tips for pulling together the best quality group of customers to survey:

Recent activity

As mentioned briefly in the previous section, surveying customers with more recent activity with your product/service can help provide stronger response rates and overall feedback. Focusing on the most recent few weeks is a great starting point. Customers will have a fresh experience to convey, providing feedback on what was great, as well as what could have been better.

If you need to survey older customers, consider using our Intro Message feature (available for paid accounts) to help provide a bit of context. This can help make the outreach much more clear to those less immediately familiar with your brand.

List quality

When pulling together customer email addresses, be sure to remove anyone who has previously bounced, unsubscribed, or otherwise. Scrubbing any bad email addresses will ensure you’re only using your plan’s volume for active customers who will be likely to respond. If sending via SMS, double-check all phone numbers to ensure they’re still valid (ex. if a customer recently updated their number).

DNS records

We can authenticate with your domain, which will allow you to send email surveys from a domain more familiar to your customers. When sending to customers in larger corporate organizations, this can also often help bypass any strict filtering systems. If interested, let us know and we can help get that set up for your account!


If you’re collecting important details about your customers (ex. user ID, location, product purchased, etc.), you can send that information to Delighted via Properties. You can use Properties to easily segment feedback once received, as well as help match those responses with records in your own internal database.

Learn more about Properties in our properties guide.

Customer locales

If you’re sending to customers in different countries, you can include a special property in your CSV/Excel file to localize the survey experience - automatically translating the survey in the customer’s respective language. Learn more about locales and dynamic ways of updating the survey here.

In the past few sections, we’ve covered who you should be surveying and the different ways you can tackle that sending process. In the next section, we’ll take a look at best practices for timing the survey.

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