Using Special Properties to adjust individual surveys

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Now that you have an understanding of how properties work and why they are important, let’s look at Delighted’s special properties. These unique properties are designed to dynamically customize the survey experience on a per person basis.

In this section, we’ll cover:

  1. Available special properties
  2. How to set up special properties
  3. How to confirm those properties have been passed correctly
Available special properties

There are three special properties available. They are: Locale, Question Product Name and Delighted Email Subject.

We'll dig into each of those in the sections below.

Did you know we had a full guide on special properties?

Check out our special properties guide for a more in-depth look at each of the special properties covered below.


The special property “locale” will adjust the localization (language) for each recipient. We use the ISO 639-1 Code for languages to set the locale. See “Additional details” below for a full list of available languages.

Translate your survey, on-the-fly, for international customers (ex. clients located in Mexico, Canada, and the UK)

Visit the Customize Survey under “Advanced Customization” to view all currently supported languages and their ISO codes (ex. “en” for English)

Be sure to contact us if you don’t see your desired language below, we can add additional languages easily.

Question product name

The special property “Question Product Name” will adjust the product/brand name listed in the survey question.

Change the product or service associated with the recipient to personalize the experience. For example, if sending email or SMS surveys, you can upload a single CSV/Excel file and, using the Question Product Name property, dynamically adjust the Brand/Product Name per person. Surveying based on different product lines? This special property can easily adjust the survey phrasing to set the correct context:

Customer 1: “How likely are you to recommend Hem & Stitch’s men’s collection to a friend?”

Customer 2:“How likely are you to recommend Hem & Stitch’s women’s collection to a friend?”

Delighted intro message

The special property “Delighted Intro Message” will adjust the intro message field (300 characters of text that sit on top of the survey question)   exchanging that copy with any content you provide.

Intro messages offer a great opportunity to set the context for why you're reaching out, how long the survey should take, and how you'll use the feedback. We've also seen this special property used to pull in customer details, such as name, location of purchase, products purchase, etc. The intro message can be an extremely effective tool for helping to convert folks between opens and responses.

Delighted email subject

The special property “Delighted Email Subject” will adjust the subject used in the survey email.

Change the email subject associated with the recipient to personalize the experience. You can upload a single CSV/Excel file and, using the Delighted Email Subject property, dynamically adjust the survey email subject per person. Currently, this is only applicable to email-based surveys.

Additional special properties

In addition to the special properties listed above, we have several others for the Thank You page and more. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about those customization options.

Setting up special properties

Including a special property is exactly the same as adding any other property.

Sending via CSV/Excel? Simply name the header in your CSV/Excel file to the desired special property name. Delighted will automatically recognize that property and adjust the survey experience accordingly.

Sending via API? See our API docs for details on passing these special properties.

Sending via Web? Check out our Web docs for all the instructions needed to pass those special properties via the JavaScript snippet.


For CSV/Excel uploads, you’ll reach a review page after uploading your file. To ensure Delighted has correctly recognized the special property, look for the purple “Special” badge next to the property.

For API, we’d suggest triggering a send to an internal email address. This will allow you to safely test and make sure the survey looks as expected.

For Web, be sure to test out the JavaScript snippet - confirming all special property customizations are in place. Appending ?delighted=test to the URL where you have included the snippet will let you quickly test out all special property customizations.

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