Understanding properties and why they’re important

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Properties are extra bits of metadata that you pass along with each person you survey with Delighted. Properties add context to a piece of feedback.

Example of properties

Let’s imagine you are the owner of a retail clothing company, and that your customers are able to purchase your goods at brick-and-mortar retail stores, online through your ecommerce website, or through your mobile app. 

Knowing which purchase experience a customer originated from will be important in understanding their feedback. Adding a property of “Purchase Experience” with the possible values of “Retail Store”, “Website”, or “Mobile app” will allow you to isolate feedback from each of these types of customers.

How to pass properties

Properties are provided as either column headers in a CSV/Excel file, a parameter with an API request, or as parameters in the Web JS snippet.

Here’s a sample of what properties look like in a CSV/Excel file:

Name Email Phone Number Purchase Experience
Ellie Newman ellie@icloud.com +17132746524 Website
Richard Nguyen richard.nguyen@aol.com +15128322242 Retail Store
George Vargas gvargas@gmail.com +12563088691 Mobile App

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