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Once you’ve decided who you want to survey to the next thing to decide how you will survey to them.

There are three key ways to add people to Delighted for surveying: CSV/Excel, API, and Web.


Our Survey people page (including Email and SMS) allows you to send without using any of your organization’s engineering resources. We have many customers who send regularly using this method. Some send monthly, some weekly, and some each morning. All you need is a collection of email addresses or phone numbers. Once you have that information ready, simply load those details into a CSV/Excel file and upload to Delighted.

Many customers manually upload batches of people to survey for a while, then transition to the API later. The import interface is a great way to start collecting valuable feedback immediately, and gives you much more leverage when you begin rallying for vital development resources. You’ll know exactly which extra properties you want to include and how valuable the feedback you’ve been getting has been.


Our API allows you to automate the process of sending to people. While it does require engineering work, it is usually quite minimal. We’ve had customers integrate in less than 10 minutes. The API allows you to automatically trigger a send anytime a customer performs a key activity. For example, you can tell Delighted when someone places an order and we’ll queue them up for a Delighted survey. You can even send along a delay, so you can tell us when an order has shipped, but instruct us not to send the survey to the customer for X days. This allows the customer to fully experience a product before being asked to provide feedback.


You can also survey visitors directly on your site with a simple code snippet. Similar to the API, our Web platform offers a great way to automate the survey process while requiring minimal engineering resources. Whether focusing on returning visitors, customers who just completed a purchase, or otherwise, you can fine-tune your Delighted web surveys to reach your site visitors at the best possible moment. We also apply adaptive sampling to optimize the rate of feedback you’re receiving.

For your protection

Throttling allows you to choose an amount of time that must have passed before someone receives another Delighted survey. Since Delighted’s throttle is global, you can survey across all channels (Email, Web, and SMS) without worrying about contacting your customers too often. You can change your Throttling time period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months) by visiting your settings.

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