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Every organization is different, but we’ve seen most of our customers apply one of two approaches when deciding how they will gather feedback with Delighted.

People who perform a key activity

This approach works best for organizations where the key activity is, for the most part, the same for everyone. Some examples of key activities may be ordering a product, booking a hotel, becoming a paid member of a subscription service, etc. We’ve even seen companies survey after a customer care interaction, or after interviewing someone to join their company.

Surveying people soon after they have completed a key activity is a great way to use Delighted. You’ll get feedback from people who have recently gone through your entire experience and have fresh insights to share. This approach will capture feedback from all types of customers as everyone who interacts with you will likely perform this activity.

Time-based snapshot of people

If your organization is more relationship-based like a SaaS business, web agency, law firm, etc., you may opt to survey using the snapshot approach. This method involves sending to a cross section of people on a regular basis. This method works well when you’re interested in capturing feedback from both new and old customers. You’ll also have more predictability around how much feedback you can expect, as you will be controlling how many people you survey with each batch.

Covering your bases

Some customers choose to survey 1/12th of their user base each month. Others will survey 1/52nd of their user base each week. This approach allows you to connect with your entire user base at least once a year while still getting feedback on a regular basis.

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