Getting the most out of Delighted

Once you’ve sent to a small batch of people and have seen the feedback roll in, you’re ready to plan how you’ll use Delighted on a day-to-day basis. The most effective way to use Delighted is to send at a regular tempo, ideally triggered by a key activity. This enables you to address any acute issues the moment they emerge, while providing a broad view of where you are strong and where your customers see opportunities for you to improve.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • Who and when to send to, based on the type of organization you run.
  • How to segment feedback from different groups, such as repeat customers or people with different engagement levels.
  • How you can send without any engineering resources or use one of our other survey methods to automate the process.
  • Share tips on how you can track trends in the feedback you receive.
  • How you can personalize your customer’s experience based on the score they choose.
  • How to involve your colleagues.

Let’s get started!

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